If any of the products no longer functions or if you need spare parts, please contact the Dutch Medical Technology Service Center. Even if you think you need extra service.



By extensive experience in various hospitals, Dutch Medical Technology does know that there are always problems, where a solution must be found. The extensive knowledge of Dutch Medical Technology can be used to assist you. We can offer you solutions, designs and implement it in your hospital.

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augustus 2012
DMT introduceert de DMT PDT 01 en 02 therapielampen

april 2012
DMT Infantulus LED Fototherapie op TV bij "Vandaag de dag"

december 2010
DMT Introduceert de DMT M80 Bewakingsmonitor

september 2009
DMT Introduceert de Engelse website

juli 2009
DMT Introduceert Veterinary Medicine voor de Engelse markt

januari 2009
DMT Introduceert Crigler Najjar LED Fototherapie

februari 2008
DMT Introduceert nieuwe vinger oximeter.

januari 2009
DMT Introduceert M3 Vital Signs Monitor